Over the weekend I went to see ‘9’, the latest Tim Burton flick. Here is the trailer.

The standard disclaimer is that I LOVE Tim Burton, so my review may be slightly skewed.

I was really looking forward to this movie, even though it was a genre I don’t normally care for (post apocalyptic / sci-fi adult animation). The story was good. I liked the various ways you could read the main characters without a detailed explanation. I was looking forward to the great soundtrack that I assumed was there based on the trailer, but it was missing. Of course Danny Elfman did the music, so it was good… but I thought it was going to be metal. (expectation smashed) I could see Tim Burton influences, but they weren’t as pronounced as I thought they’d be. The moral of the story was good, action was good… all was good. But. It was only good. Not great. I walked in with VERY high expectations and am disappointed. Everything I was expecting wasn’t there.

There were several kids in the theater. This was NOT a movie for kids. Animated… but not appropriate. I could hear the kids crying and I can’t imagine a little person liking the movie at all. I will call it a lesson for myself – research what movies you take kids to. Just because it is animated, doesn’t mean it is kid friendly.

All in all, the movie was OK. Worth watching, but maybe only worth an movie channel watch.