Eight years ago today, at the beginning of this decade, I was sitting at my desk being told someone accidentally ran into the World Trade Center in New York. My first thought was that no one ACCIDENTALLY runs into the tallest buildings. It’s not something you don’t see. Of course that was just the beginning of the day that changed the world we currently live in.

I’ve said before that I mark the 9/11 anniversary as also the time I moved to Virginia. This year, while I still live in Virginia, I live in the “family house” in a different town. This is not only a different location, but it is worlds apart from our previous residence in terms of feeling like a home.

I am home. I have a daughter. I have a family. I am home with my family.

Over eight years, the world around us has changed – and so have we. Finally, at the end of this decade, there is a sense of healing in the world (sometimes) and there is a sense of peace in my world.