One of the things about moving from small town middle America to the D.C. Metro area is there is a huge difference in the income levels – as shown in style, cars, houses, everything. I’d never seen a REAL Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati until moving to the east.

I also always thought it was absurd to spend a ton of money on purses and shoes. Name brands were just that to me – a name. Nothing more.

Needless to say, I’ve been getting a new purse and new shoes with regularity. But I don’t spend much on them.

A co-worker has a purse that I LOVE. It is a name brand bag and I couldn’t envision spending that much money on a purse. So I would admire her bag, and get my own purse. Then I went through purse after purse after purse. As soon as they wear out, I get a new one – spending money again. My co-workers purse still looks brand new. I’m a girl who can add. Realizing that I was getting ready to spend more on replacing my purses than getting the name brand purse to begin with, I set aside money to buy the extravagant purse.

KateI shopped online and in person for a couple of months. This weekend, I found it. It is a Kate Spade, simple, lovely, pretty, black purse. I love it.

Bonus, it was 40% off… fitting well into my budget.

Now that I have it, I feel odd. I know how much it was and feel like I can’t put it on the floor of my car. “Kate” has to have a home. I am sure I will get over that part. But for now… I just have a purse that I love. And hopefully won’t have to replace for many years to come.

absurdI am still happy with my “sport wagon” though… I don’t think I will be buying a new sports car any time soon… especially one that would fit in the DC Metro area. This picture is of a pair of Ferrari’s seen in the parking lot near Leesburg. I wonder if it is “his and hers”?