Like the rest of this year, this summer has been… interesting.

We have a baby who needed to experience all that summer has to offer (at least all it has to offer an infant).

We survived a summer without air conditioning (a first for everyone, and if all goes well… the last).

We’ve unburied a little more of Mount Crumpit (there are some new yellow flowers coming up in the front that I don’t recall seeing before).There were more adventures waiting for us and we survived them all.

I have become comfortable with my new hometown, and it feels like home (although the house doesn’t feel like my own quite yet — still working on that)

Being here over the summer has been kind of nostalgic in that I spent my childhood here – but only in the summer and over Christmas. Now I am still here after the kids are in school. And soon enough I will have my own in school.

This has also been the first summer in a very long time that I didn’t see a single concert. We went out and did new things, but nothing like the “super summers” we’ve had in recent years. Last year I would have thought this was boring… this year I love it. I didn’t go to a concert, but I played in the park with my daughter. We splashed in water and explored the new textures nature has to offer.

Now I head into the fall – with many plans that are nothing like years past, nothing like my childhood. But I look forward to this next chapter in my life.

Maybe this fall we will have all the plumbing problems resolved, have the worker-bees all go home (with their bang clanging), and reach the bottom of the piles of what can only be described as “crap”. Once that is done, maybe I can find a home for OUR stuff in this house that was well lived in for 60 years before we got here. Maybe.