You know those videos you see (and laugh at) on YouTube, America’s Funniest Home Videos, or wherever you see your funny videos? The ones where someone is running in place on the treadmill and all of a sudden they are face down, being flung into whatever is behind them?

I lived that moment.

Here’s how it happened… I am trying (again) to train to run. I am not looking to win a marathon or anything… just run like “other people”. My current goal is to run 1/2 mile. I ran 1/4 mile once… so figure I am on the way. One day at the gym, I got to thinking about how I could reach my latest goal. “If I could run a little faster, the goal would get here quicker and I could get off this flippin machine.” So I raised the speed. I was able to keep up with the previous speed pretty well, so didn’t think much of it. I was running and running (for what I SWORE was 6 miles, and I looked down to see it was .2 miles.) When I realized I hadn’t been as far as I thought, I decided to hop off and take a drink of water. All fine so far… when I got back on, my feet were not prepared to go as fast as my new “high” speed.

Off I go — flung off the back.

On the way down I started grasping for a grip. Unfortunately, I grabbed for the part that was flinging me back.

Battered,  bruised and scraped up, I got back on the machine as quickly as I possibly could – hoping no one saw that (LIKE THAT WAS POSSIBLE IN THE CROWDED GYM). I was so embarrassed! Many people around me asked if I was OK and tried to help. I told them I was embarrassed, but otherwise fine. While this was TECHNICALLY true, I was hurting. I could feel where there would be a scab on my knees, my arm hurt and I could feel a few bruises starting. But I was back on the treadmill. Going much slower for enough time to make me think others thought I was actually fine… and I left. I haven’t been back on the treadmill since then.

I am sure I will return… but I will remember the lesson about jumping back on at a slow speed.