The clang-bangers/worker bees are on sabbatical for the week. One of the worker bees came up asking to be let in to the “hive” so he could drop off supplies for tomorrow. I went to the “hive” that is currently being worked on to let them in.

It is a garage with a sliding door and a lock on the outside. There IS another door, but it isn’t in use yet — still being worked on. While these worker bees went on about their work, I went upstairs to see the work that was being done. When they were finished, they didn’t think I was coming back down and didn’t want to bother me. They (like good worker bees) tried to lock up and head out. Not realizing I was locked in.

Thankfully, I was able to get their attention before they drove away (the car was backing up).

Lesson: tell people not to lock you in if it is possible.

Lesson learned.