This month, Bean has learned…

beanThe crawling is MUCH better. She crawls with one leg and pushes off with the other. She is officially ‘mobile’ (translation… mommy is officially paranoid)

She is pulling up on her own. (She pulled her self up in the crib, making me stop the bed time routine to immediately put the mattress down to the bottom setting.)

To go with pulling up, she is cruising. I gave her full credit when she took like three steps while holding to the crib one time, but it was steps none the less. Since then she is “cruising around chairs in the kitchen with some regularity. She even has her first “boo boo” due to a fall from walking around. Even though she has no teeth, it looks like she bit her lip when she fell.

She still loves orange food. I am guilty of keeping with what works, so we’ve extended her diet to other orange foods. Not only does she eat carrots and sweet potatoes, but a lot of squash, peaches, cantaloupe. I’ve been extending her palate to other colors and hope for the best. So far Yellow squash, “summer veggies” and “turkey dinner” are winners, but pears and potatoes are still iffy.

She is about 19 pounds (using the very scientific method of weighing myself with and without her). However when I carry her for any length of time, I am certain she is 40 pounds.

Although she was a great sleeper before, she has started to protest this whole “bed time” thing. She has also started to wake at night again. Not every night, but enough. (actually once would be enough – this is more like 3 – 4 times per week). Usually if you feed her, she goes right back to sleep. I tried feeding her more and closer to bed time, but she eats until she’s full. I can’t ask for more than that. Maybe it’s teething

The teething mystery is just that – a mystery. If anything is wrong that can’t be explained by feeding, a diaper change or sleepiness, it is “teething”. My bean has had every symptom of teething that “the books” explain, she’s had. But there has been no fruit of her (or my) labor. This has turned into my latest paranoia. I know that she can get her first tooth as late as a year, but it is “normal” to get it as early as 4 months. So why at 8 months does she drool, chew on everything in site, get fussy, have the low-grade fever, and all the “tell tale signs” with no teeth? Maybe I will start looking into implants. (yes, I am kidding about implants)

I still love her more and more each day (even when she is screaming). I can’t imagine my life without her. She is my perfect little bean.