It seems that we are destined to have problems with the washer and/or dryer. Out of all the places we’ve ever lived, these are the appliances we are most likely to have trouble with.

Not to be out done, Mount Crumpit washer was fine, until today. Today, I put a load of laundry in the washer, walking away thinking I could come back later to move it to the dryer. The washer had other plans.

Instead the washer filled with water and didn’t seem to do anything else. I cannot tell if it did anything but fill, but now it won’t wash nor empty. I don’t know exactly how to empty the water in there, and I would rather it empty on its own, rather than fish out my clothes.

For that matter, I’d rather the washer just work.

I guess I get to go find Hooville’s finest laundromat today. yay.