On Monday I had to go network hopping because my Internet connection was down. I started at Panera, then went to Barnes & Noble. I lucked out and got a great spot at Panera. It was in the corner, was a 2 person booth (nice ‘n comfy). Because I was in the corner, it was quiet.

At B&N, not so much luck. I couldn’t even get a seat with a plug (so I started praying that my battery life was as long as promised). I was perched at the counter facing the sidewalk and parking lot. I have to say that I LOVED the people watching. There was the guy walking back and forth, looking in the window as though he was looking for someone (or stalking them). There were the babies on parade (looked like a mommy “play group”. There were 7 or 8 mommies pushing strollers). There are the business folks (briskly walking, focused to get to their location), the retired folks, the students who are newly back in town. Even though the B&N seats are not very comfy and there are two plugs to service everyone in there with a computer (11 that I can count), You can’t beat the perch for people watching. I may have to come back when I need characters.

Do you ever realize that you are being “people watched”?