Picture it (in my best Estelle Getty voice), Mount Crumpit… August 22, 2009. Bean is in bed. Pups are fed. Laundry is folded. I have eaten. Potter is playing. I sit down at my computer to catch up on my blog reading, web surfing and general Internet wandering. Our DSL has other plans.

First, the computer took a while to get up and running. When it finally did get turned on, the wireless wouldn’t connect. Thinking it was the computer (since I already had a few troubles), I fiddled with the settings for a few minutes. Still nothing.

Finally, I go check the router. DSL not connected. Hmm… I think to myself. “let’s fix that”. The standard restart yields no results. The phone company’s tech support isn’t likely to be open now, but they have automated help. I pick up the phone… no tone.

“Of course there is no dial tone!” I think to myself.  “Mount Crumpit would not allow me to have the phone working upon demand. I’ve clearly grown complacent about getting a dial tone on demand with the phone. What would make me think I can have this kind of assumption on Mount Crumpit???” I continued in my mind.

Alas, I can only guess why I have no dial tone. My guess includes something to do with the neighbors getting phone service. I have not heard one way or the other, but I am guessing they got their service connected today. I am equally certain they have done nothing to intentionally make this happen and perhaps they had some kind of frustration with service already. I am on the fence if the phone company should take any of the blame. For the time being, I will blame Mt Crumpit for the general confusion, but the phone company isn’t out of the woods. I placed my “my phone isn’t working call” and went through the automated steps to learn that they will not working on it until Monday. It is Saturday night. (grumble grumble grumble)

I am guessing that the reason they have this process automated is because the recorded voice lady who will “listen carefully to my concerns, press 1” doesn’t care if I yell and scream at her “press 2” even if I tell her it is two days with no phone (read: no Internet) and that is unacceptable in my world “Press 3”.

Damn her!

Now I wait. Typing up my blog entry to post another day because I have no Internet. (I guess I am an addict, huh?)