I am back on the bandwagon again. I am going to the gym often regularly as often as I can, in hopes of picking up my new year’s resolution for the past several years of getting to a healthy weight.

Tonight I did go to the gym and used the equipment (I normally go to classes instead of using the equipment). I did OK, better than expected anyway… it is a start. Looking for a blog topic, I found this one:

If you could take a pill in place of exercise, would you?

My answer: HELL YES!

Why? It is simple. I am lazy. I want everything now and exercise is hard.

I like entertaining exercise (hiking, swimming, dancing, etc.), but if I am doing it to lose weight, I have to force time in my schedule and it looses its draw. If it were just for entertainment, I wouldn’t care if it were infrequent. Plus if I had the magic pill to lose weight, I could look cute in the work out outfit instead of being self conscious in the outfit I feel covers the rolls better than the other outfit (giving more motivation to go).

Would you take the pill to lose weight? why or why not?