Tonight, when putting the Bean to bed, we varied the routine. Normally I’d agree with all you mommies out there who say “that is the last thing you want to do if you want to sleep tonight”. But, I am glad we did.

We were having a nice time on the porch with a nice cool breeze, I was reading my book, Bean was bouncing and squealing, having a grand ‘ole time and hubby was editing a video. About a 1/2 hour after her normal bed time, I saw the distinct signs of bed readiness – so off we went.

Bean went in her room and began to play the way she normally does before she goes to sleep, so I went to take a shower since I had a “productive” day at the gym. When I got out, I heard the Bean still fussing in her room… which is unusual. I went in there to find her standing in her crib.

I wasn’t all that shocked, although I was more surprised than I should have been. She has been pulling herself up for a while. For some reason, I saw that she (given the right motivation) could have climbed over the crib wall. When she saw me, she looked like she was getting that motivation and was putting her leg toward the top of the crib. It was far from the top, but close enough to make me change the bed time routine.

Instead of soothing and going back to sleep, it was time to lower the bed. Again. Hubby and Bubba came to help (hubby was way more help, but Bubba kept the Bean entertained). Once the bed was as low as it goes (how can this be??), we tried to sooth and go back to bed. Bean was having NONE of that! She needed to eat. RIGHT NOW. So we appeased her demand. I can still hear her up there playing and I wonder if she (or we) will sleep tonight.

Had we not varied the routine, I wonder how long it would have been before we realized that with the right motivation, the bean was planning the first crib escape.