Over the weekend, the Bean got a fever and generally was feeling puny. I was a little surprised and proud of myself by not panicking and calling the doc. The temp wasn’t very high and she had no other real symptoms, so didn’t think much of it. Just tried to cool her down and soothe her as much as I could.

All the mommies said she had to be cutting teeth. Yesterday it was still continuing, so I called the doc, just to confirm my initial instinct of not worrying was fine and it wasn’t something that might require medical intervention… and they did confirm.

She keeps having all the signs point to teeth are coming. Soon. Really soon. But there are still no teeth. Maybe I am a tad impatient… but how long can it take? More to the point… how miserable does she have to be to make the tooth pop out?

What happened to my happy little girl that is good w/ whatever, whenever? She has been replaced with “things go this way or I will show you how unhappy I can get”.

Maybe if I write a letter to the tooth fairy, she can help me out?? Kind of an advance promissory payment of a good tooth.