Because of all the judgmental parents out there, I feel obliged to say that I make choices for my family based on what I think is right. I don’t judge other parents about their choices because it is what is right for them (except abuse… I judge people who abuse others).

I always said that I wouldn’t sleep with the Bean in our bed. I was just afraid that one of us would roll on her, she would roll over into a pillow and not be able to breath, or any number of other nightmares. But the last few days the Bean has been feeling under the weather. She has a little bit of a fever, but otherwise seems fine. Maybe teething? Don’t know — we just know she is miserable. And expresses her misery mostly at night.

She just cries. No particular (obvious) reason… just unhappy and really wants to be held. She whimpers. It is very cute and very pitiful. Once she calms down and goes to sleep, you move to put her down and it all starts again.

After my second night with this happening every hour, exhausted, I caved. I cleared a spot on the bed between Daddy and I, laid her down put my arm around her so I could feel if she moved at all and went to sleep. Ah… peaceful 6 hours of sleep. I did wake up every time she moved (standard movements during sleep), but was able to get back to sleep. When she woke up for the morning, it was a very sweet and a morning I will long remember.

Now I get to look forward to trying to convince the child that sleeping in her own bed is fun too.