G-mom was known for her letters. I believe anyone with any level of ‘power’ in the country, every newspaper editor and anyone who is vaguely related, is familiar with her letters.

Sometimes they are very cordial, sometimes quite terse, but they always say exactly what she meant to say.

This week, hubby found letters that I couldn’t help but write about. The first to President and CEO of Harley Davidson (at the time). This letter is explaining that her son (my uncle) had one of the “Harley Davidson Motorcycles” and he needed a cylinder ring as his was broken. Since he couldn’t find a replacement in town, she was including a check for $5 (what she thought was a fair price for two). Her theory was that the first one is sure to break. To save time, ask for two. The letter was polite, professional and clear that she was not the rider of said motorcycle. Why she wrote to the CEO for a cylinder ring – I don’t know – but I do wonder if she got them both and if $5 was enough for both.

Another letter was sent to President Ford. She started the letter explaining that she supported his decision to pardon President Nixon, then went on to explain (in no uncertain terms) her disapproval of just about everything else he was doing.

Again, I wonder what the response was, if any. I also wonder what the actual response is of anyone who first opens a letter of hers. I wonder how many of her letters are shared around the office. How many people actually know her from her letter writing campaigns?