My next is normally pretty neat. Not psycho-what-kind-of-freak-are-you neat… but you can normally see the desk and there is room to put a drink down and I can find a pen when needed.

Since I moved into the “big house” on Mount Crumpit, my desk looks like a filing cabinet threw up all over my desk.

I used to blame it on the fact that there was so much stuff on it that wasn’t mine.. but I looked this morning and I can’t claim that anymore. There are two very large, very ugly lamps and about a dozen books with ugly book ends on the desk that are not mine. Everything was actually put here either by me or for me. How is it that I have the largest desk I have ever had in my life, but can’t see the actual desk part of it?

Lesson? Less is more. Maybe I will make my way to clean the desk and have it all make sense. Maybe tomorrow.