Twitter gave me inspiration for this post. “The Rules” is a guy (I think it is a guy) on twitter who posts various life rules. I find them endlessly entertaining. Here are a few of my own “rules” – feel free to add your own in the comments.

* In a public bathroom, if it is a “room” and not a stall, you must close and lock the door regardless of what you are doing in there (even just washing your hands).

* It is not OK to talk on the phone in any part of any bathroom.

* The best and most authentic international cuisine comes from a place that you wonder if the heath inspector knew was there. But you hope he doesn’t find out.

* If you live your life with a strict plan you will only get disappointed and you will miss out on all the “good” stuff.

* Sometimes going right is the thing to do.

* The computer will crash the minute before you need it most.

* The baby will wake up 1/2 hour before your alarm will go off. An hour if you went to bed late.

* Your construction project will have unplanned and not-so-entertaining twists.

* It is never OK to just reach out and grab, touch or kiss a strangers baby.

* It is not OK to touch a person’s stomach without permission. Even when that person is pregnant.

* It is not acceptable to call in sick on behalf of your significant other unless he/she literally cannot speak for his/herself.

What are some of your rules?