I realized I haven’t posted about Mount Crumpit in a while. So, here is what is going on.

The scaffolding came down last month (no more Mountcrumpitron plans, sorry).

We still have the books to be sent to the library (best guess is well over 1,000 books. Most of them from the library sale… so they were really just ‘rented’)

We still have roofers here (making me love rainy days more than ever before because it is cool and no banging). It is almost finished — thankfully.

The temperature is rising and we have a single window AC unit in our bedroom… the rest of the house (especially the kitchen) is getting less than comfortably cool.

We have more plumbing issues. Latest info – we have “enough” water for our family of 3, as long as we plan our water usage properly. If we veer from the water usage plan, we are in some danger of little to no pressure. (this will cause a problem with renters in two other residences on Mt. Crumpit) The cause?

Two things. First… a leak. A leak at approx “40 feet elevation above the pump”. We could probably figure out where it was, except it can’t be repaired easily/cheaply… so it is better to replace the whole thing – regardless of where said leak is. (can you hear the excitement in my voice?) The second thing – a new cistern! You may remember that we already have one that was in use, but isn’t anymore. That one can’t be used because… (drum roll) It needs to be cleaned (I don’t know why my ‘how to clean everything’ book doesn’t include how to clean a cistern!), sealed and pump replaced, then once everything is all said and done, the new pipe has to be attached to it. The problem there is that it will cost more time/headache/money/effort to use the existing cistern then to get a new one and put it in a new spot because of the detail of getting a pipe to it. How does that work? You might ask… I gave up on that answer when my head started to explode.

That’s right folks – not only will we have one cistern… we will have TWO! I now thank the Romans for coming up w/ this plumbing plan.

We have a “fire plan”. Because of our unique situation, we had the fire marshal come up and see where we are, what challenges they’d have if there were a fire and what we need to do to help them. Sounded like a great idea, except he wasn’t the right guy to ask (even after much research to find out who the right person is). He was helpful in other information, but it turns out the best way to make sure the fire truck can get here and put out a fire as quickly as possible is to simply show up at the local station and invite them up to the place. (I kind of want to have a ‘fire fighter bbq – how to put out a fire on mt. crumpit’ party. I blame Rikki for instantly thinking theme party.

The 400 or so dresses (the number is not an exaggeration) have been donated – likely back to where they came from. Again, it is like they were rented.

On any given day we have 20+ worker bees on the mountain. I still feel like the contractor is earning his title “contractor from heaven”, although not everyone working up here gets that status. Actually – most of them don’t. Many leave trash, talk big about the dogs as though they are “big tough guys” who are going to take on a blind/deaf/toothless dog if she comes near them, and generally not all that pleasant to share my home with. On the bright side, they are getting the job done more quickly than I expected. Part of the reason is they come on the weekends — while I admire the work ethic, I look forward to the weekends with no bang-clanging. Most of the worker-bees are at another location and I can’t hear/see them – perfect for me!

Hubby learned two things – he is allergic to poison ivy/oak and there is a lot of it up here. He’s quite the sport! Not only does he know this, but he is still working on the yard.

He is also learning new things – as a matter of fact, he found a new staircase outside. It was buried under a foot of dirt, ivy, roots and leaves. According to my dad, they got about 1/2 way through the entire staircase last week.

We knew there were snakes up here – but C found a nest. Not a small nest. There was one nest we knew about, but it is away from anything we care about and they are not poisonous – so we let them be. The new found nest was in one of the other houses on the property that hasn’t been lived in for a long time. The nest only included eggs at the time it was found. By “eggs” I mean 30 – 50, depending on who is telling the story. Since we don’t have any snake egg experts on the mountain, we opted to “dispose” of the eggs on the real chance they could be copper head eggs. I didn’t ask (and don’t want to know) how one “disposes” of snake eggs.

There are new flowers found each month – Gmom loved bulbs! And I am glad she did – I am very much enjoying the new surprise every month.

The piles of work is getting done. Slowly but surly. As one thing gets done, we are adding 2 new things to the list… but we are getting things done.

This is now a VERY long post and I’ll be a little surprised if you read the whole thing… but, at least I’ll have the information for my own memories.  If you did readthe whole thing, color me corrected 🙂