It is that time again. Time to marvel at the greatness that is my daughter. Time to be amazed at how time flies.

It seems like only yesterday I told hubby we were going to have a baby (and him swearing that wasn’t possible). Now that baby is 7 months old and I have learned new things that I didn’t think I’d ever need to know. Here is what happened this month:

— Bean grew out of her “bucket” style car seat and has the “big” seat in the car now.

— By growing out of the bucket, she also grew into her SUV-sized stroller

— To get all that growing done, you might ask what I am feeding her? Well, she is eating mush nearly liquid “solid” foods like a champ! She likes sweet potatoes and carrots, peas are OK but not so fond of the fruits by themselves (we tried pears and apples. Waiting on bananas because of Daddy’s allergy). She likes applesauce mixed in the oatmeal – so we call that a win.

— The poopy diapers now STINK! I knew this would happen w/ the introduction of anything but breast milk, but the knowledge of it and the experience of it are 2 different things.

— She’s been weaned. I am sad about this one,  but it is done. On the bright side, I get all the booze I want! (Ok… still don’t want all that much, but the principle is there!)

— She still has no teeth, but is drooling like a hound dog coming home from the dentist where he got his mouth numbed. There is a lot of fussiness, so I assume the teeth are coming soon.

— She can get up on all 4’s as if she were going to crawl. Instead of actually crawling, she will scoot backwards or thrust forward onto her face.

— When we are in the store, she loves to grab at EVERYTHING. She seems very entertained by the texture and temperature of things.

— FAVORITE thing ever is doing raspberries. You doing them to her or on her, or her trying them on her own. She thinks this is the funniest thing EVER. I do love to hear he laugh, so we do a lot of them.

— We went to a splash park with other babies and moms and had a great time. Bean really loves the water.

Yesterday/last night, we took our first overnight road trip with the bean. Packing the car FULL of baby gear, guitar gear and two dogs… not much room left for the mommy, since daddy was driving. It was a good trip though. That is all I have to offer (all I can recall) for the sixth month. More to come soon, I am sure.