A watch is supposed to keep track of time. Mine stopped doing that with proficiency a while back and my folks sent me a replacement. It is the one I’ve been eyeballing every time I get on a plane for a few years and I was so very excited about it.

There was a time when a watch was “the hottest new technology” and I assume was made so you can manage your time by knowing how much time you have left before the next “thing” – whatever it was supposed to be.

Now a watch (at least the concept of it) is the furthest thing from technology you can get. Instead there are a bagillion gadgets that are supposed to “save you time”, “make time”… but so many of them actually waste time.

The computer for instance. I am a fan, especially since I work online (no online with no computer). It has made many lives easier on many levels – speeding things up and getting more done than anyone thought was possible. But then it also has things that completely waste time. There are many websites dedicated or even making a business out of wasting time. This blog would never be in that category (of course), but others could be. Insert computer game here, and it could be called a “waste of time”.

I wonder if technology has made things go so much faster, so we would have more time to spend wasting it on blogs, tweets and games?

Does technology give you more time, or take more time from you?