You know how when you get in a “productive” mood, it comes with focus?

I got in one of those moods about a week ago (maybe more) and I have focus to do so many things, I have lost focus again. I still feel “productive” in that I am making lists (a recent desease) and checking things off (at least I have this cure).

I am using the productivity at work and got several things done. I am using it at home, wokring the mountain of projects happening here. And I am using it to work on my goals (life goals and resolutions).

It is very odd to feel so energetic, have so much happening and still have some level of focus. All while being a new mom – which translates into fuzzy-brained.

What causes this? How do I replicate it when I am feeling overwhelmed? How do I make it pay for all my grand ideas and plans? Maybe that is next on the list?