In January, we call them “resolutions”, but the rest of the time they are called “Goals”. It means any number of things to different people.

I am far from alone on having my fair share of goals. Some short term (get to the gym, finish project at work, post blog entry), to medium term (finish books before time to return to the library, figure out travel plans, develop/create/buy great Halloween costume ideas) and long term (finish all I want to do w/ Mount Crumpit, be published, sell my jewelry, be a healthy weight).

43 things is a site that is all about goals in a kind of cool way. You tell the site what your goals are and it will remind you of them.

For example, my goal of swimming with dolphins is sent to me periodically and it reminds me that I REALLY do want to do that.  When I got my reminder email recently, it made me want to come up with a plan to make it happen. It is that reminder that I love so much about the site. It doesn’t spam me, but it does remind me of what I told it was a goal. Pretty cool, I’d say.

Give it a try. What are your goals?